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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal uses heat from the outside environment to heat your home and disperse heat in summer.

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Using Thermal Energy from the Outdoor Environment

Geothermal heat pumps tap into the earth to use it’s renewable energy. Geothermal heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling. These types of heat pumps transfer heat from the outside environment to the home, and vice versa.

Where geothermal heat pumps are different than central HVAC systems is they transfer heat both directions. In heating mode, they pull thermal energy from the ground or a nearby water source and move that heat inside the home. When the heat pump is in cooling mode, heat is absorbed from the home and transferred to the ground or nearby water reservoir.

How Do Geothermal Heat Pumps Work?

There are a few different variations on geothermal heat pumps. Some use pipes laid in the ground to transfer thermal heat absorbed by the earth. On large lots, these pipes are laid horizontally. With smaller lots, the pipes are buried vertically deep in the earth. These pipes require a special contractor to install.

Another type of geothermal heat pump used water to transfer heat, from either a nearby lake or pond or well. Geothermal pumps that use water as a heat source can be closed loop (pond) or open loop (well).

Next, what are some reasons to choose geothermal heat pumps over traditional central heating and air conditioning?

Heat pump, ground source

Energy Savings vs Central HVAC

Geothermal heat pumps run at lower energy costs than central heat and air. In moderate climates, the energy savings can be up to 70% vs traditional central HVAC.

Reduced Carbon Footprint and Durability

Geothermal is a renewable energy source that reduces greenhouse gas emissions substantially vs other heating and cooling. Geothermal heat pumps can operate many years with minimal maintenance.

Efective Humidity Control

Year round, geothermal heat pumps provide steady temperature control. Particularly in hot weather, they are effective at reducing humidity in the air inside the home.

Geothermal Heat Pumps in the St. Pete, Clearwater, Tampa Area

If you need help deciding whether a heat pump is the right choice for you, our team at L&R Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can help you through every step of the process.

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